Do you have the same owners?
Yes. Sage Kitchen is still owned by Kita Centella and Nick Brown.

Do you have the same food?
Yes. We are still committed to serving the finest, freshest, organic farm to table cuisine.

Why the name change?
We have learned over the years that many of our Guests in our store don’t even realize Chakra 4 has a restaurant, and that many Chakra 4 restaurant Guests don’t realize we have an herbal store that can help them. We’ve also learned that many potential Guests find the name to be a bit confusing, hard to remember, and even walk right by us not realizing we are a restaurant. By renaming our restaurant, we become more visible and can differentiate between Chakra 4 the herbal store, and Sage Kitchen the restaurant.

Will you be serving meat?

What else will change?
We will continue to improve the food and desserts but beyond that, we will not be making any radical changes.

What about the store?
Chakra 4 Herb & Tea House will soon become Chakra 4 Herb Co. We will still be providing access to medicinal herbs and spices, essential oils, and teas from around the world. Our staff will still continue their education and serve you however possible. We will also be opening a second Chakra 4 Herb Co. in 2014 in Ahwatukee.

Are you still going to send out newsletters?
Absolutely! Click Here to get onto the new Sage Kitchen Newsletter!