Best News On Restaurants In Phoenix Arizona

Best restaurants in Phoenix Arizona USA

Phoenix is one of the largest cities in Arizona ,USA. It stands on northern side of the Sonoran desert and attracts thousands of visitors every year. At the heart of the city, you will find some notable restaurants which offer variety of foods. Let’s take a closer look at the latest information alternative news from some of the best restaurants in phoenix.

A Different Pointe of View restaurant

This is one of the most distinctive restaurants in Phoenix. It stands out as a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy state of the art dishes. It is located at the North Mountain hence one is able to enjoy the scenic views. The restaurant offers incredible menu which includes; marine lobster, fresh-made Hollandaise, pesto-scented shrimp and perigord truffles. It has also introduced appetizers which include fresh mozzarella ravioli, lemon-scented artichoke and caramelized pineapple. According from the latest report from the management, there will be winemaker dinner dates which starts from 20th January 2017 to 19th may 2017. Visitors will enjoy a romantic dining experience. Before your meal order is ready, you will enjoy a glass of wine for 45 minutes. This is a great way of complementing food since guests will enjoy wine at a reasonable rate.

St. Francis restaurant

It is one of the most eye-catching restaurants in the city. The menu consists of seasonal ingredients and different kinds of foods hence you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, you can enjoy a drink from the outdoor bar. The restaurant has been a popular place for visitors where they come to relax over the weekends. Recently it has introduced jazz music which perfectly fits the atmosphere. Further, the restaurant now has `happy hour’ offers where you can enjoy amazing foods and drinks at low price.

Quiessence South Mountain restaurant

It is the most romantic restaurant in phoenix. It offers a six-course tasting menu prepared by Chef Dustin Christofolo. Although the menu has been constantly changing, this is a perfect place to enjoy dinner, dessert, wine and cocktails. According to the restaurant management, they are now offering romance in the garden dinner starting 11th February to 13th February 2017.This is a place where you can have a romantic valentine experience with your loved ones.

Nobuo at teeter house

This is an Asian restaurant famous for it’s delicious dishes. The menu includes appetizers, seasonal ingredients, warm dishes, fresh fish and cold dishes. In addition, you will find impeccably constructed salads thanks to Nobuo Fukuda; a superstar chef. According to the latest news, the garden session series that feature local bands will be performing every Thursday evening. Likewise, new dishes and drinks have been introduced.

In a nut shell, if you are planning to travel to phoenix, you should consider visiting the above restaurants to enjoy tasty foods with quality ingredients and your favorite drinks.

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